About Us

Florida Educator’s Video Learning Library

The Florida Educator’s Video Learning Library was created for teachers and students to share their media productions with others. Unlike open - to - all sites like YouTube, Florida Educator’s Video Learning Library is moderated to give educators peace of mind and students a safe space for sharing what they create.

Our video learning library was designed with students, teachers, and parents in mind. All uploaded videos are pre-screened and approved by our moderators before ever showing up on the site. It may take 2 weeks for an uploaded video to appear for that very fact, but we know that being able to guarantee 100 % safe educational content and student productions makes it worth the slight delay.

Although the content published on our video library is available to everyone, you need to be part of the LEARN community to upload videos. This means that you are in an English school in Quebec and have a LEARN username and password.

Keeping Young People Safe on the Web

Our mission is to facilitate the sharing of relevant and accurate educational videos and student productions where students from K - 11 can learn and share in a safe and comfortable environment. We ensure content is appropriate for the site through the following pre-screening process:

When a video is uploaded to the site it doesn’t immediately get published for all to see, but instead goes into a screening room that only our moderators have access to. The video is encoded into the format required by our site and an email is sent to the moderators stating that new content is ready to be screened. The moderators, who are educators by trade, review the content and publish only the approved videos. It is at this point that the video becomes visible on the website for the general public.

Videos will be flagged if they contain:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Personal or nominal information that can be used to identify and locate a student
  • Unsuitable content for young viewers

By going through the screening and approval process, the Florida Educator’s Video Learning Library can guarantee that all content is safe and appropriate for school use.

If you are a Student:

  • Upload videos you have created for classroom projects or on your own;
  • Watch videos created by other students.

If you are a Teacher:

  • broaden the learning experience in your classroom with teacher-approved videos and animations;
  • capture and hold students attention by teaching in a medium that they understand and enjoy;
  • integrate the latest elearning methods into your classroom without having to pay any fees or expose students to advertisements;
  • share ideas, lesson plans, and concepts with other teachers in your own school, board, or across the globe;
  • access professional development tools at the click of a mouse.

If you are an Administrator:

  • utilize new elearning technology that can be integrated into your school’s website and curriculum;
  • post videos for parents and students from the school administration;
  • provide professional development resources to your teachers that can be used at staff meetings, Ped days, or on their own time.

If you are a School Board:

  • help encourage community participation in your school board;
  • highlight successes and events.