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S'Cool TV - Ep. 1: Laurier Senior

S'Cool TV Presents Episode 1: Laurier Senior

This episode features two documentaries: "Is Canada ready for a visible minority prime minister?" and "The meaning of the word 'gay'".

Teen Smoking

S'Cool TV - This video looks at teen smoking in Quebec. It shares statistics about the high number of teen smokers. Students are interviewed and share their views about smoking.


S'Cool TV - This video talks about sleep and its importance in the life of a teen. It looks at how teens have different sleep patterns than adults. It also provides a few tips for getting a better night's rest.

Jobs in Recession

S'Cool TV - This video discusses summer employment for teens, and provides a few tips on what a student needs to do in order to find a summer job.

Sex Ed

S'Cool TV - This video discusses Sex Ed and whether or not it should be taught in school. A few myths about sex are debunked throughout the video.


S'Cool TV - This video looks at procrastination and what it is. It provides some tips for overcoming procrastination.


S'Cool TV - This video looks at obesity and discusses healthy eating, and getting active.

Meaning of Gay

S'Cool TV - This video discusses the slang uses of the word gay, and how it is often used in a negative way, and not according to any of its dictionary definitions. It looks at how the negative uses of this word may affect others and their feelings.

Learning Centre

S'Cool TV - This video looks at Learning Centres, or Alternative Schools. It shows some of the different benefits of these programs, and also talks about the various skills students can learn, and the jobs they can prepare for.


S'Cool TV - This video discusses all of the different gadgets used by students today, such as cell phones, iPods and laptop computers.